Monday, March 17, 2008

Sketch Series 4_Restaurant

Cafe, Hillsborough, NC, Feb. 23, 5:00 p.m.

Serves Coffee, pastries, and sandwiches. Encourages customers to sit for long periods of time, talking, eating, working with laptops, etc.

Ambient light, task lighting behind counter

Light Sources: natural light, incandescent, fluorescent

Natural light enters the space through large, plate-glass windows and glass door. Above tables are pendant down lights. Fluorescent lamps light the space in front of the glass display cases and behind the counters in the workspace. Pendant down lights illuminate the counter and above the food cases.

Reflective materials: table tops and chrome band around table tops, glass food cases, flooring, light fixtures, wall art frames and glass, metal on chairs.

The space is bright and cheerful but has a relaxed atmosphere. Colors are bright - - not washed out. Show off the reds, yellow and oranges well.

Sketch Series 4_Library

Hillsborough Public Library

Ambient Light for locating and scanning books, and for reading and research at tables
Light Sources: halogen and fluorescent, natural light
Hanging fixtures for fluorescent lamps. Lamp is not visible. Cover is a grid so light is diffused.

Fixture for halogen lamps (bowl shaped down lights) are hung high above tables, so are not great for task lighting or reading for long periods of time. Lamp is not visible because there is a lens on the fixture and it diffuses the light

There is a yellowish cast to the light.

Natural light enters through tall windows on the East and West sides of the space.

Above hanging fixtures, ceiling is not illuminated.

Colors appear slightly dull. The room is well lit. The level of illumination provides a relaxing atmosphere to the space and encourages quiet behavior.

Sketch Series 4_Gallery Space

Hillsborough Artists' Alliance Gallery

Ambient and Focal Lighting, Wall Washing

Light Sources: Incandescent

Luminaires: Track lighting, adjustable; Recessed adjustable halogens

Sufficient illumination for small gallery space. Shows reds, yellows and oranges well.

Reflective Surfaces: mirrow, glass shelving, wood flooring

Sketch Series 4_Grocery Store

Sketch Series 4_Residential

Sketch Series 3_Retail

Task lighting

Light Source: halogen

Fixture: bowl shaped down light hangs about 4 feet above counter

Colors: Red, lavender and print - show more pink; blue is brighter. Colors appear slightly washed out.

Sketch Series 3_Grocery Store

Ambient Light

Light Sources: fluorescents; rows of fixtures throughout store.

White light causes store to appear clean and spacious.

Colors are bright. They seem sharper and more intense than in library. Lavendar appears more violet